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Hi I am Hayley, welcome to Families In Sync, I am The Successful Mums Coach, I am her  to guide you through your parenting journey, bringing peace, harmony, balance and fun to your family.

Find out a bit more about me.


This includes hints and tips on your child's sleep environment, behaviour and concentration.

I am a Mum of three, A Coach for Mums and Early Years Advisor with over a decade and a half of personal and professional experience. I am a huge outdoor play and learning enthusiast and believe the outdoors is one of the best gifts we can give our children. I am passionate about the power of mindset work and the changes these bring, I always use calm parenting methods and I am a childhood behaviour and sensory specialist.

AND did you know I work with older children as well as younger children!

You are not alone in your parenting challenges, in fact I have been through so many over the years I have probably been there myself, that's why I am able to see the challenges from all aspects. No matter if it is a parenting struggle or wanting to create a more balanced lifestyle using a holistic family centred approach I can help.

You probably started the journey you are currently on with an ideal of how it would develop, but children don't always work to your ideal and life gets in the way, bad habits creep in, where you wanted to be has become a far away dream and each day merges into the next.

 My mission is to enable you to create balance within your life, the harmony within your family and empower you to create the life you truly desire and childhood memories that will last a lifetime.

I use unique mindful and  holistic approaches to family life, which enable me to ensure I always use the best techniques for you, your family and their needs.

 I are here to support you every step of the way.

My unique techniques bring results for years to come bringing balance, peace, happiness, harmony and play back to your family.

Use the calendar on the right to book your FREE CALL with me today, you have nothing to loose and so much to gain, there is no pressure to work with me and I will give you some tips you can use straight away.

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For Childcare Professionals my Early Years Consultancy and Training packages  both on and offline offer exceptional development opportunities.  They are created in a unique bespoke way to meet the needs of you an your team.

My focus is bringing a child centred natural approach to learning and development.

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Some recent comments from my training workshops -

"It has been great to take a step back and see everything with a fresh set of eyes."

"You always make us feel so relaxed, the training is great fun"

"This has been just what my team needed"

"The team building was one of the best days I have been on"

"I really didn't want to give my Saturday up but I have learnt loads, I am so glad I came"

"Its all about thinking outside the box and tipping what I already do upside down and you helped me see that"

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I welcome you to take a look around my site and I am here should you want to chat.

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