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The end of the summer holidays!

As this Blog is published we will be in the second month back to school after the summer holidays.

Most Parents will remember the secret promises they to made themselves at the start of the summer holidays:

  • They will be organised on the first day back at school and thereafter.
  • All items of school uniform will be labelled prior to the last night of the summer holidays.
  • Breakfast time and after school will be calm and relaxed with minimal stress and raised voices.
  • That they will master 'having it all' while keeping the calm exterior that other Parents appear to manage.
  • All of the above would be done alongside maintaining a perfect home and continuing to pursue own interests.

By the second day back at school most of these promises had been broken and chaos had resumed.

At we fully understand and have experienced these scenarios ourselves.

We are now in the second month back after summer and have several family's hugely benefiting from a Families In Sync Nanny who have been placed since the start of this school year and realise that with additional support they can fulfil all the promises they made to themselves at the start of the summer and family life can be harmonious.

Rather than making promises to yourself that may be hard to keep, take positive action to make sure promises are kept, contact [email protected] today and utilise the personalised Nanny package we can build for your family enriching the entire families life.

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