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Planning our future…….and offering you the chance winning stunning jewellery!

I have had a lovely last couple of weeks observing our sessions and workshops, speaking with parents and carers and being shown how to 'play properly' by the children who love our work.

I often run sessions and nip into those I don't run on a regular basis to ensure we continue to offer our families the excellent levels of service we always have.

To be honest though I love visiting and running sessions for so many other reasons than ensuring our service remains excellent, I love meeting new families and finding out what they love about us and about parenting, watching the children experience new activities and how they use these, seeing how a child has developed from the last time I saw them, these are just some of the reasons I love our sessions, and what I do!

During my visits this time I have been speaking with parents to discover what services they feel have benefited them and families they know, plus what services of ours they have used and any feedback they have, so I did managed some work during my visits.

We had a fantastic response with a whole host of ideas from families ranging from products which are readily available to more specialised products, to services which are in demand but not accessible which we are already developing unbeknown to our families. Plus lots of new suggestions as to how we can provide and promote these to families making them accessible!

Families are truly our best source of knowledge.

So now I want to invite the rest of the lovely families who visit our blogs, social media and website to take a very short survey which can be found at the end of this blog, your ideas and feedback will benefit families far and wide and to show our appreciation for your support we have teamed up with Sugar Jewellery to offer everyone who completes the survey a chance to win a beautiful hand crafted piece of their jewellery! The winner will be chosen at random, so for your chance to win please enter our survey and help us to continue to deliver a service developed around what parents really want!

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