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Pregnancy and Practical Advice

For a long time I heard expectant parents discussing how they would love to attend a practical antenatal class. There are a lot of informative classes however very few which offer offer any practical parenting advice within them and even fewer who offer advice that is aimed at those vital first six to eight weeks.

Having been there and knowing first hand that unless you have experience with babies you will have very little clue what to expect, and even if you have had experience unless it is of them invading your life nothing will compare.

Even when you have had your baby you may be given a demonstration of how to bath baby and change a nappy, then its up to manual.....lots of well meaning conflicting advice from family and friends........babies have not read the books like you have.

Our Preparing For Baby classes offer hands on support, they are designed by professionals who are also parents and gives the practical advice you need.

In them we look at sleep solutions covering issues from birth as sleep is vital for parents to function to the best of their ability. Crying and how cope as babies cry! over else are they meant to communicate? Breast and bottle feeding as feeding is a different experience for everyone. Bathing and nappy changes, as in hospital your not always shown or concentrating. Ages and stages of development so you know what to expect over the coming months and when, plus so much more!

Our team at Families In Sync know how a baby turns your world upside down and have all experienced the chaos, confusion, wonder and joy that a new baby brings.

If there is something you would like to see us cover in our class or something that would have been useful to you when you were pregnant please message us as we are constantly developing our classes.

What we would love to know though is what was the best/worst piece of advice you received while expecting?

Here are some our ours from the office!

- Sleep when baby sleeps, No when baby slept I cleaned cooked and tidied as I couldn't relax knowing it needed to be done.

- Accept every offer of help, Yes I did offers of cleaning, washing, anyone who asked what I wanted I asked for a meal I could freeze for when I didn't want to cook, or to put a wash load in for me, they were happy to help and it really helped.

-Curry will bring on labour, despite spending every waiting minute in our local curry house, baby came when he was ready and that's the best way.

-You know your baby better than anyone, so no matter what advice you receive and may or may not follow remember that.

I love the last one and its one I say often "You are the expert of your baby/child" and remembering that is sometimes all you need.

Hayley @FamiliesInSync

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