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We all have those voices challenging us!!

The Leeds 10k is approaching fast! It doesn't seem like long ago that I was writing about signing up to run for Day One Trauma and now it is less than two weeks away!

For those of you who haven't yet read my previous blog post, I suffered a serious horse riding accident nineteen months ago from which they were fearing worst case scenarios, however thanks to the amazing team which is now known as Day One Trauma I am walking, running and riding.

I am continuing to defy everything they said I would never do.

So how is my training going...... well despite a slow start, as TV, nice meals and evenings spent with family and friends were more my style than training programmes and practise laps, I am getting there.

I had always maintained that if I could run the 5k in somewhere near my 'pre accident' time I knew I could achieve the 10k in the time I had set myself which as 1hr 20mins, and on 19th June I managed the 5k in only 3 minutes slower than my pre accident time, that was a huge achievement.

It is so easy in life to have that voice in your head telling you you cant do something or that your not good enough at something. Mine was well supported by my hubby telling me I will never manage a 10k in that time and guess what....... that's what spurs me on. I cant start letting him be right about something after nearly eight years of marriage!

Most of the families myself and my team at Families In Sync speak with have these voices in their heads over their family life and parenting. Sometimes these are really helpful as you want to prove them wrong, however sometimes they work the opposite way and leave you feeling fed up and despondent.
That's where our team at Families In Sync are great as they help to support you through that stage. Most of our team including myself have been there as we are all parents and understand how hard it can be. We work with you to achieve your goals and arrive at where you want to be, not where you feel you should settle for.

It is important to remember that with the right support you can achieve anything you set out to, as long as you stick to the right path for you and accept support along the way in whatever form that may be.

Whatever the voice in your head is stopping you from changing for the better in your family life contact our team at Families In Sync today and gain a new perspective, plus hints, tips and advice based around you and your family life.

If you want to read more about my challenge and Day One Trauma you can visit

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