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Working from home with kids……what was I thinking?

As I write this it is the first official day of the summer holidays. My amazing team are out and about supporting parents with sleep, behaviour and many other issues within family life. Several of my lovely team are delivering online advice to parents and a couple more are training other childcare professionals to develop their knowledge.

However for the first time I am having to work a lot more than I normally do during the summer holidays. Now don't get me wrong I am happy I am so busy that I need to work this much however with three kids at home who need entertaining and far to many animals to list I'm not sure my best idea was "to see how it goes" with childcare and working. Normally I work a couple of days a week thanks to my fantastic team that make this possible and I have childcare booked well in advance I know who is where and my work days are planned out, this year I thought how hard can it be, I will have minimal childcare and work around the children. (Hahaha)

This morning my husband merrily went off to work child free, explaining that all you have to do is pop a film on and and the kids will be fine. Yes pop a film on is all well and good until you need them to sit and watch the film leaving you in peace, that is when their sixth sense that Mum may be about to do something not linked to them comes in!

So far this morning I have said 'No' 'In 5 minutes' and 'Put it back' more times than I care to remember. I have also separated two WWE wrestlers in the making, fixed computers and internet connections, created an online characters hair, sung in several shows, visited a mud cafe, and choreographed a music video. All this is without mentioning housework! Working from home is easy haha who was I kidding!

Add to this the lovely hubby text several times wondering how much work I have got done, stressed

Today has made me so thankful for my fantastic team who do not need constant supervision as I think I may have been tipped over the edge!

With this in mind I will be hunting out new ideas and ways that work to solve my working from home with kids problems so that I do not go go totally mad over the next seven weeks, and I will be sharing these with you, as I can't be the only one.

So Mums that work from home how do you do it? If you have any hints, tips and ideas email me and I will include any that work in my next blog.

While I wait for your suggestions I will be creating a cross stitch fairy, while drawing cartoon characters and fingers crossed may even get several emails finished!

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