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Nannies and Childminders Join Us!!

At some point every parent will rely on or at least consider childcare options and the choices are so vast!

Childcare is so diverse and each setting is different whether it be a nursery, pre-school, childminder, nanny, au pair, the list goes on.

Each setting their own needs and this is why our training packages are so fantastic, we can tailor courses to meet those needs providing you with the exact training and support you require and at an amazing price!

Our next workshop is for childminders, nannies and other home based carers.

We love this course which takes a holistic view over your setting, come join us at 'Enriching a Child's Experience' it looks at your overall setting and your needs as a home based carer
Being a home based carer is so rewarding and is a great career offering flexibility around your hours and provision plus for parents the chance to be around for their own children but it is hard work and more time consuming than a lot of people realise. The challenges by home based carers are totally different to those faced by nurseries and pre-schools.

This is the reason our new workshop was developed it has been written around the experiences of childminders and nannies and is flexible on the day to meaning it can include other learning outcomes within the day if need arises.

All our our resources are easy to access and free or cheap, as we know ourselves there is nothing worse than attending training, being inspired and then coming crashing back to earth once you see the resource costs.

Our tutors have childcare and early education backgrounds along with being qualified to teach adult education ensuring you receive excellent tuition on the day and on future workshops.

As we have been there and got the t-shirt ourselves we appreciate how hard everyone in the childcare and early education industry works and want to support them the best we can, in turn helping improve outcomes and experiences for children and future generations.

We would love to see you on Saturday 17th October in Harrogate for our Enriching a Child's Experience workshop, to book please email
or message our facebook page

If you would like further information about any of our other workshops or about our bespoke training days please click the contact links above and message us.

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