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Why do children sleep so little?

We have all met them, the parent with the child who slept through from six weeks old, and never experienced sleep deprecation! We have all admired them and hated them in equal measure.

I have been on both sides of this having had a child who slept like an angel from the start and also one that thought sleep was for the weak and at his peak woke twenty times a night! I wish I knew then what I knew now!

Sleep is discussed by all parents far and wide, are they getting any, how much, how often. It is the one aspect of parenting that if it goes well everything else is more manageable however if it doesn't it makes everything else a struggle.

Sleep deprivation is absolute torture and yet is inflicted on you by this gorgeous little creature who has also managed to turn every other area of your life upside down.

Help is here though! Our Sleep Consultants are experts who understand where things are going wrong and how to fix them using techniques that fit in with your family, until now this support has only been available on a one to one basis, however from Monday 28th September 2015 they are offering this support and advice online!! So it is now available to all parents!

It is so important to everyone at Families In Sync that all parents can access our brilliant team and now we can offer sleep advice online everyone can! The advice, hints, tips and plans are designed for you around your family life and parenting values which makes it perfect for any family. Plus for a limited time it is available at a launch price of only £23.99 this includes your advice and plans plus a follow up with one of our team, making it exceptional value!

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