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Lessons In Consistancy

Lessons in life come in all shapes and size, generally when you least expect them.
Recently I was given a reminder why consistency is so important, and in a way I did not expect.

The one thing that we teach every day in our one to one support and in our workshops is that no matter what you are doing with children consistency is the key, however it is easy to forget this sometimes.

Recently I got a reminder why consistency is so important and makes such a difference.

You may or may not know from following our social media pages I am married with three children and have to many animals to list! Still I recently decided to add to our family with a new pony and while looking for the perfect one we had our heads turned by a stunning rescue pony.

We discovered he had been dumped and abandoned and when found was very defensive and on an adrenalin rush displaying unsuitable behaviour due to what he had been through, over a period of a couple of months he was given someone he could trust, a routine and affection, all underpinned with the constancy that this would not change and he was safe. He was shown he could trust humans who used firm consistent boundaries and techniques with him.

Meeting my children was something totally new for him, he knew me as I had visited several times, his groom and the staff we familiar but not the children who bounded over wanting to cuddle him and as far as we know he probably had never known children yet alone any as excited as mine!
Despite these new excitable little people loving him slightly to much and a change in his routine and rider he was totally accepting, taking everything in his stride with a bit of reassurance.

This was because of the consistency, he had learnt who he could trust, what to expect and that if things changed it would be O.K and that he would be shown what was expected.

Children need consistency in all you do with them. If your taking tips from a friend, books, online or from our experts at Families In Sync it will only work and work well if you are consistent. If something then changes due to holidays, days out, etc remaining consistent in your approach means you are then able to show your child what you expect and what will happen while keeping things from going off track and slipping into previous bad habits.

Sometimes life hands you a lesson as a reminder and this was one of mine.

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Hayley @FamiliesInSync

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