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A manic week in Families In Sync!

Our training packages have developed over the last year and we now have a training service which includes pre-written and bespoke training for a variety of professions within Early Years.

I love this service and it is something I feel passionately about, developing professionals and enriching the learning experience of our next generation is so important to all of us at Families In Sync.

Having spent a long time working in Early Years leaving for training with excitement and high expectations only to be met with a very dull trainer, death by power point and an expensive resource list we could never fund left me feeling very uninspired, there is nothing worse.
At Families In Sync we aim for you to leave feeling inspired, if you can go back and change one thing which in turn improves the experience and learning for one child, then what an achievement, our aim is to inspire and bring back enthusiasm for early years.

After a week of chasing round trying to update online training, continue with the development of our website so it can include our training packages, and provide online support for parents, plus deliver training and support to settings and parents in the home and at workshops (wow what a manic week) its lovely when we receive amazing feedback and really lovely when its totally unexpected!

It was fantastic to receive and email from a lady I know who had spoken with one of our Early Years Consultants and after realising they both knew me and Families In Sync the Early Years Consultant had sung our praises listing several settings we had delivered training to who had given us glowing references! Nothing like a great email like this to boost your week!

If we have delivered training for you or you have attended one of our workshops, please if you can spare the time drop us a line with your feedback as we are always updating our website with new comments from Early Years Workers and settings, we would love to use yours.

Early Years workers are amazing you touch children's lives, you change children's lives, there aren't many professions where you receive such an honour and we are totally committed to supporting you to continue to do this to the best of your ability.So come join us at one of our training days or design your own training day.

Our workshops start at just 29.99 per delegate for a full list of our available workshops or to discuss our bespoke training days which are designed around the needs of your team and your setting which currently have up to a 50% saving per delegate for all courses booked in 2015 (to be held before 1st April 2016) please email

Have a fab day and remember what an amazing opportunity you have when your at work today!

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