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It’s all about you!

Happy New Year!!

With Christmas, New Year, return to school/nursery, work, family life its no wonder your under pressure.

In general family life and being a parent = stress at some points.

Sometimes everyday life just becomes to much. Along with all the good stuff being a parent brings also comes responsibility, decisions and mundane jobs, however if you keep on top of these parenting is far more enjoyable.

Here are some top tips from some parents we have met:

  • Get organised if you know you have something planned get ready the night before whether its just setting out clothes, packing school lunches, or getting items together for a day out, the following day will start more positively if your not stressed out.

  • Let the children help, if they want to wash their bike while you wash the car, or cook dry pasta in their toy kitchen while you cook tea, let them at least you know where they are, what their doing and you can get on.

  • Devote time to your children play go for a walk see our local and activities pages for more ideas, if you set out time you are going to spend with them without phone/chores interrupting you will feel less guilty when you do have to get jobs done and leave them to play.

  • Don’t be scared to say “No” sometimes we get asked to do things which we say yes to although it impacts on our day taking up time we didn’t have or cutting our time with our children, sometimes saying “No” is what you need to do.

  • Keep a diary or calendar write down any events for the family or things you need to remember the less whirring in your head the better you'll feel.

  • Take a notepad keep it next to your bed when you wake up or cant sleep because something is keeping you awake write it down, it will be there in the morning for you to deal with and you wont have to deal with possibly forgetting something important.

  • Have a grown up conversation every day even if its with the post man make sure you speak to someone other than your children, call a friend, turn off the television and chat to your partner, you’ll be amazed how a discussion with a grown up can make you feel like part of the real world again.

  • Eat healthily you will have more energy and feel more in control, you can easily prepare healthy snacks see our recipes page for ideas, these can be stores and used for the children to instead of sugary snacks which will also help with their behaviour and to regulate their energy levels.

  • Get out every day even if its only for a walk to the shops fresh air is proven to help you feel more positive and refreshed and to help the mood of children to, if you have children who can walk or cycle use getting out as a way to burn off their energy to.

  • Turn off the TV, sitting in front of the television for short periods can help relax but sitting in front of it for long periods of time can make adults and children lethargic and irritable, it also hinders children speech development so turn off the televisions and get talking instead.

  • Accept there will be good days and bad days and that your there to be with each other throughout both.

I hope you can take something from this that helps you or gives you a reminder about about something which could make you life a bit easier!

How long my plan of being organised for school the night before will last I am not sure however for the first week at least we will be there on time with all kids in clean uniforms and with all their equipment!

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break.

Hayley @FamiliesInSync on behalf of all of our team 🙂

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