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Hospital bags, nurseries and the count up begins!

So since my last post I should have sent 2 or 3 more (sorry!) but with finally
actually getting around to organising our lives in preparation for baby number 2
I haven't had a chance to sneeze - nor do I dare sneeze anymore!! Why have I been
so busy? Surely all you other mums to be are with me........

Firstly the nursery is very nearly finished. Wallpaper has been stripped, walls
sanded and painted, new carpets fitted and flat pack furniture has been built.
All that is left is to hang curtains, if I can ever find a pair that I like!
Clothes are packed away, blankets washed and all of the baby bits are down from
the attic. Phew! It's been a hard slog but it finally looks like we're ready to
welcome a baby into the house. It's definitely helped with the excitement of having another baby and helped to make it a lot more real for our 2 year old princess.
It's also a huge relief to have it done. Although the nesting instinct has kicked
in and I now want the whole house done - sorry Mr A!

Secondly, now that I am 36 weeks, the hospital bag has been packed. That is a
relief if not very scary! This also meant lots of shopping and deliberation of what
size baby clothes to pack. After having a first baby who weighed 9lb 4.5oz
(every half oz does count....) I went back and forth choosing whether to pack
newborn or going straight to 0-1 months. I finally settled on 0-1 and did the old
age mum saying of 'he can at least grow into it' and if needs be will just have to
do more shopping....

This left me thinking what can I recommend to pack apart from
the obvious maternity pads, breast pads and huge pants. Well the extras that I took
or wish I had taken the first time and would highly recommend are:

* A mini fan - I laughed - a lot - when my sister turned up at my door with a mini
fan. But the hospital was so hot that even when not in labour this was constantly

* Dextrose sweets - now if you're anything like me and are sick from the smell of
water when feeling ill then these are priceless! Luckily I had a quick labour the
first time but if I'd had to eat throughout labour and keep my energy up I'd have
really struggled. These really helped just to have a quick boost (and didn't taste
horrific the numerous times I threw up!)

* Snacks - this isn't for labour as the online lists suggest. For me it was the
following day. I hadn't considered this but I could not stop eating and was SO
hungry! The hospital obviously provided my core meals but I could have eaten my arm
in between meals and didn't pack much in preparation for this. I had snacks packed
for my husband and a few sweets but will definitely take more this time. And if
there's anything you've wanted throughout pregnancy but couldn't have maybe pack
them - I'm not suggesting rocking up with a block of brie and pâté - but mine was
diet coke and with avoiding caffeine didn't really have any throughout pregnancy,
so it was the best surprise when my husband arrived with a bag of diet coke! I will
probably put these in a separate bag and leave them in the car as I won't need them
through labour, along with my dressing gown as it's far too bulky to put in my bag.

* A button up night shirt - a friend recommended this to me and I have to pass it
on. If your planning on either breastfeeding or wanting to have lots of skin to
skin this was great to get changed into after labour. It meant I didn't have to
keep pulling my top up and if for any reason you couldn't wear pyjama bottoms
straight away, it was as long as a nightie. I got a really cheap one from a
supermarket and dug it out straight away when packing my bag!

* Lip balm - I found that the gas and air and dehydration led to really sore lips
so this was a must throughout and after labour.

* Change for parking - I'm guessing all hospitals charge for parking these days and
the last thing you want to be searching for when in labour is change to pay for
your ticket. I think I stashed about £15-20 last time just to ensure any parking
fees were covered and had extra in case we had to stay for a few days.

These are just a few things I found useful and found speaking to other mum friends
really helpful for ideas that I hadn't thought of. The only other thing I would
give as advice is don't pack too much and tell your birthing partner where
everything is packed, before labour begins - my husband had to dig everything out
for me and for the baby after and if I had packed anymore he would not have found
anything! That and if you move rooms you also need to carry your bag/s. Don't forget
if there's things you want solely for after labour you can leave these in the car
until you need them, it just helps to have things to hand easily when you need them

Finally, the other thing keeping me busy is finally finishing work! After counting
down for 12 weeks as to when I would finish work I am now counting up until the due
date! The first time round I went from working full time to putting my feet up.
This time I've gone from part time work to having two days in the week where my
daughter is at nursery. The first time I was majorly counting down the days, the
hours until due date. Washing all of the baby clothes, mopping the floors, cleaning
out the kitchen cupboards. This time I know how precious a little bit of me time is,
don't get me wrong I love the days off with my daughter and wouldn't change them
but just being able to watch day time telly with a hot cup of tea is exactly what I
need from time to time the second time around.

So whether it be your first baby and you feeling stir crazy with excitement to meet your bundle of joy or second or third and having the odd day off just enjoy that me time as you very rarely get the chance once they arrive!

Now I promise to try and do an update soon but with a consultant appointment next
week to plan if I will be induced and when, it may be once our little prince has


Wish me luck!! xxx

Everyone at Families In Sync wishes Jenny and her family the best of luck and we cant wait to meet the newest addition 🙂 Keep updated by joining our community at and by visiting our blog page at

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