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Chickens and New Parent Worries

The hot topic in our house at the moment is chickens! Who wants them, how many, their housing.....the list goes on.

In the car last week during one of our regular chicken discussions my daughter went into complete meltdown and after much coxing she finally announced "I can't get more than one chicken because I only have enough love for one, it won't stretch to two."

This reminded me of when I had my second and third child thinking there is no way I can love another child this much, but I do.

I then began thinking how many other times I have met parents with similar worries, so over the last week I have spoken with the parents I have met and asked them their new parent worries, here are some I heard:

-"I cannot cope without a good nights sleep,  I will never be able to care for a baby without sleep" - You just do.

-"Will I still have time for my partner" - You will, it may just take time.

-"How will we cope financially" - You muddle through, make plans and cope. It doesn't last forever.

-"Will be a good parent" - Of course you will be, because you want to be.

-"I am no good with pain, how will I manage labour" - There are lots of pain management options and labour is what your body is designed to do, so trust it.

-"How will I know what my baby wants"  -Once you meet them you will learn what their different cries mean.

-"Will I be able to keep them alive" - Of course you will, you will learn to meet their needs and you will learn what those needs are.

I experienced most of these worries myself, all new parents and parents to be will experience these worried no matter if it is their first, third or fifth baby, it doesn't get any easier. What does help is realising that this is normal, you're not alone and that the minute you hold your baby in your arms non of these worries matter anymore.

So relax and enjoy it is all over to soon.

This blog post come with a huge 'HAPPY MOTHERS DAY' to all the mummies out there for Sunday x

Hayley @FamiliesInSync



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