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Unique Nannies!

Childcare is a minefield of options and choices, how, where, when, how much, will they be happy? The list goes on.......

Choosing the correct option one for your family can be a difficult, time consuming and a costly task.

We recently wrote for Mothers Mean Business on the various childcare options, you can find the article here

If you decide that childcare at home is for you, we have a team of expertly trained Nannies who can offer the very highest level of care and support to your family, plus we can source nannies to specifically meet your needs. We have met families which needed just childcare, dog walking, admin for their business and so much more all of which we can incorporate due to the unique way we build your childcare around you!

Alternatively, you can choose to tackle the childcare minefield yourself, however if you do take this path, ensure you have fully researched your options and the individuals you are considering employing, our last blog about this can be found here and keep a look out for our next one about interviewing your nanny and considerations to make.

All Families In Sync Nannies are DBS and background checked personally by ourselves, this includes checks on experience, skills and references. All our nannies are first aid trained, have a wealth of knowledge and experience which we regularly assess to ensure you receive the highest levels of care for your children. It is worth taking into consideration if you have the time and knowledge to do these checks if you are sourcing a nanny yourself, if not there are agencies who will do this for you.

All Families In Sync nannies have completed our specifically designed and market leading training programme, which covers a large spectrum of knowledge and expertise. This programme has been designed by experts in the field of childcare and childhood studies specifically for Families In Sync. Our nannies package ensures peace of mind that you are receiving the very highest skilled nanny for your child, with zero compromise!

Do you have the time and experience to make the correct decisions when it comes to childcare? You must ensure if  finding your own nanny without using Families In Sync or any other company for assistance that you have researched  enough to have knowledge to recruit the correct person for your child, helping them to be the best they can be throughout all stages of their development.

To benefit from our team of experts at Families In Sync and utilise the wealth of experience and expert knowledge that we have, please contact us.

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