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The start of our health and wellness month!

To kick off our month of health and wellness I will have several blogs being released on various issues.

So this is the first of many!
I previously wrote a blog about the importance of time for you, which you can read here
However recently I had stopped taking my own advise, my only me time has disappeared and turned into me time with either a child attached me to or emails pinging in the background.  It wasn't really me time and my health started to be effected. I had to do lists coming out of my ears both business and with my family and something had to give.
Then by chance I found a post on Facebook offering an advice and talking session  to put some clarity back into life. As I am a believer in fate I decided I had seen this for a reason and took up the opportunity, after all I needed some clarity and order.
After being skeptical of how much this could help me I was amazed! Being able to go through everything, all my to do list,  overwhelm, everything and hear it put into manageable chunks and into a plan that was brilliant. Being able to plan family time so it was family time and the me time that I needed was brilliant plus the way it was developed meant my time would be more effective to, it felt like such a relief.  Having someone on the outside who was  able to look and plan using their expertise and professionalism was priceless.
I have helped many mums returning to work with leaving their little ones sometimes for the first time, managing those first days back, priorities, future visions and achieving a work life balance, however I had never seen  how having someone support me with these things would benefit me after all I should know it, and I did but I didn't put it into practice! It proved invaluable!!

So with my new plan, priority list and mindset I have been having the most amazing relaxed few days off over Easter and look forward to many more days relaxing without distraction.

Being able to switch off when needed and take time for you is vital to every area of life and will improve your overall health, physically, mentally and within your relationships.

One last thing over this time I also found the Calm App and it's been brilliant  (my hubby calls it hippy dippy) but it works! I switch it on before bed and I have slept well for the first time in a long time! Plus it auto turns off on my phone so no dead battery when I wake up 🙂 I have used it with children who struggle to relax to, however that's another blog for another day, my work with calm and mindfulness for children.

The lady spoken who helped me remember to put into practice what I already know and teach others was the lovely Charlie Mitchell. You can visit her here Charlie Mitchell LinkedIn

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