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The Networking Mummies Awards and Me!

I am now officially in count down to the Networking Mummies Awards 2016! They are in 8 days time!!! My dress is ready, my beautiful jewellery is on its way, my dancing shoes are packed! Looking forward to a much needed night away!

But so much more than this is am totally honored to be part of this event, to be a finalist for everything I have overcome, I cannot put into words how much this has meant to me.

So how did I end up where I am for anyone who missed my FIRST EVER PERISCOPE (something I had said I would do for far to long) I was a young Mum with my first child and had the usual you wont achieve anything now comments made, but no way was that me! I also had my fair share up rubbish relationships and ups and downs however in 2012 I left my three lovely kids and hubby and nipped out for an hour, little did I know this would result in me ending up with a shattered pelvis among other injuries and a very long road to recovery ahead of me.

I had the you will be lucky to walk and certainly wont run, ride etc again, but this didn't fit in with my plans there was now way I was being defeated, and certainly no way I wasn't going to be the Mum I had been to my kids.

So after many treatments, lots of differing of opinions with the team caring for me and buckets of determination within three years I had proved my amazing care team wrong over everything! Absolutely everything they said I might not or would do I did!

During this time I became a spokesperson for Day One Trauma a charity set up by my the most amazing surgeon and person I ow my life as it is now to. I wanted to change my families life, my life was put into perspective and I needed to make a change so when I saw an opportunity I jumped.

I am now loving life supporting families through any issues from sleep to behaviour to feeding and lots more, plus training childcare teams to be even more amazing . I have also recently stating my training as a health and wellness consultant. I love doing something I believe in and something which inspires myself and my family every day.

Yes I have been through so much but I have come out of it stronger and with the determination and desire to change my family life and others and for that I would never change a thing.

As I am so excited and honored there will be plenty of video footage of the night to so pleas keep a look out 🙂 I might even convince my ever supportive hubby to get in on a video or two as he will be by my side on the night.

If you want to read my story and find out more about Day One Trauma please visit

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You can find out more about the awards by googling Networking Mummies Awards 2016.

Wish me luck 🙂


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