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Exercise and New Mums

I'm Lesley-Anne, Mum to two children (5 & 3)and a fitness instructor, I work a
lot with Mums and Mums to be offering classes where the children can
come to or fit around family life.

I have been a fitness instructor for over 14 years now, and just over 8
years ago I set up the GP referral scheme with a gym in Harrogate.

 We all know the advantages of exercising but for new mums it can have
 even greater benefits:

To boost mood. Doctors now recognise that exercise is a valued tool for
combating depression / post natal depression. Meeting other mums with
the same doubts and fears as yourself makes you feel that you are not
alone. Exercise aids in the release of endorphins which chemically
enhances mood.

 Improve weakened back and hip muscles. Due to the hormone relaxin, that
is produced when pregnant, the ligaments in the back and hips relax and
weaken the area, leading to pain and discomfort with exercising these
areas, you can build the muscles and improve strength, flexibility and
reduce back ache. Do not do any jumping or strenuous exercise without
seeking advice first

 Build pelvic floor muscles. After giving birth a new mum’s pelvic
floor muscles weaken, by working these muscles you can aid a new mum
more confident with improved muscle control.

 To help mums lose their pregnancy weight in a safe and effective way.
Some mums panic if they still have baby weight even just 3 months after
giving birth. By being part of a group they will see that everyone is in
the same boat. With supervision from a qualified instructor, they will
be less likely to overdo themselves rushing to achieve unrealistic goals
i.e. back to pre-pregnancy weight straight away, and that doing it
progressively is the safest and more effective way. Again the correct
advice is recommended before trying to actively loose any weight.

 Benefits for the babies:

 Eye to eye contact. The children will spend quality time with mum at
their level have lots of eye to eye contact, smiles and talking for the
full hour, building a stronger bond between mother and baby.
Promoting a healthy lifestyle from a young age. Including fitness in a
weekly routine will hopefully encourage mum to keep exercise in the
family routine.

Socialising with other children . The babies are able to play on the mat
in the company of each other, enabling them to build their social skills
from an early age. The baby knows mum is close at hand but allowing mum
time to do her own thing. This is a useful tool to have as in the home
baby is happy watching what mum is doing but doesn’t need constant
entertaining enabling mum to get on with everyday jobs.

Happy healthy mum = happy healthy baby. With mum’s mood being boosted
with the exercise this should rub off on the baby. A less stressed
mother tends to lead to a more relaxed and happy baby.

If you would like any specific advice or to ask any questions my contact
details are below.

The idea of the classes I run are mums can come and exercise without
feeling like they are neglecting their baby to do something for

I run them in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and also offer personal
training within this area, if you're local I would love to see you there.

To find out more please visit

or join my community on facebook at

Please note Mum's need to be cleared by their doctors / midwife before starting exercise again. Normally at their 6 week check up. New mum's and breastfeeding mums need to be careful not to bounce / run.

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