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Messy Play – love it or hate it??

Last week I was having a great time in several of our messy play sessions, I had these running this for both parents and for professionals and I have had a blast.

Its so easy to forget as parents how the little things can occupy children, for example one child who's mum explained "she never sits still, she wont concentrate and so we wont be here long." was the last one to leave after her daughter sat in a tray of  lentils and bird seed 5 minutes after arriving and didn't move for an hour and a half, she was just sat watching the seed run through her fingers, feeling the textures and watching how she could make it move.

Another parents explained she liked messy play sessions as her son didn't have to do it at home, but by the end of the session and after several conversations she said "but i could do this at home in the sandpit in the garden!"

That's the great thing about our sessions, we can inspire parents and make a difference, it isn't just playing.

These children are leaving with a new opportunities, new chances to play and a new bond with their parents. This is what makes what we do worthwhile. I love the one to one work with families but this is something totally different that also brings huge rewards, even just the smiles on a child's face from having a new experience.

Another child this week took great pleasure in standing in our slime tray, having it melt over his feet and then rubbing it onto the plastic sheeting, he did this for an hour!

I love the program of sessions we run and the effect it has on children and their parents and so with any of the resources I develop I try to recreate that feeling.

For parents I currently have available standard and mini treasure baskets which I love and have just been redesigned! and standard and mini treasure boxes for slightly older children. I already have the most amazing outdoor play range coming in time for summer which I am so excited about! But last week got me thinking about our messy opportunities.

It is so much easier within a nursery setting than a home setting to incorporate messy play as its something you do more often as part of your practice however at home it can be done easily and without creating you a 'messy house'.

So I am very excited to announce I am working on a messy play box 🙂 again there will be the option of standard and mini and there will be several options within these for messy play, I am so excited as after speaking with parents at my groups last week and hearing what they would like and what would work I am now working on bring them to you.

However these are still a work in progress and I would love to hear your ideas, likes and dislikes when it comes to messy play as these boxes are for you. To get in touch and tell me your opinion please email and keep a look out on our Facbook page  for more details.

You can also visit our website, my  new website is also being designed as we speak after rather than an update I decided to go for a whole new site!! So although it will take a little longer it will be so work the wait!! Find me at

I cannot wait to hear what you have to say and to start this weeks sessions with our families and see what comes from these 🙂


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