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What is in your child’s skincare?

When I started training and working within the health and wellness industry it was because I wanted to find a solution for my daughters eczema. She had suffered for years and had exhausted the GP recommended creams and cost me a fortune in other remedies to, some of which worked for a short time but nothing ever lasted.

So I started chatting to a few people who worked within the health and wellness industry and also a selection of parents to compare notes. What I found was a pattern which was shocking.

I discovered most of the products I was using and others were using had one ingredient in common, this ingredient went by several different names but most commonly was called Mineral Oil. This sounded pure and lovely for the skin, until I looked into what it was.

It is a by product of petrol, not good enough for petrol but the beauty industry purchase it at rock bottom prices to pack out and add to their products.

Mineral oil is known to clog your pores, unless it is heavily refined,where as plant oils like almond, avocado and soybean, penetrate into the top layers of skin because of their composition being similar to skin lipids, mineral oil does not have this make up. This was the issue my daughter was having especially with sun cream where the oil was causing it to sit on the skin rather than absorb which caused prickly heat and her to be very uncomfortable, she would then sweat and then burn. It was a vicious cycle.

Evidence shows that mineral oil contamination in the body is the number one contaminate in the human body which I found shocking.

So what can you do? What can you use?

Any products which are pure and don't contain this type of by product, there are several available but ensure you educate yourself first and know all the names mineral oil goes by. The big bonus I found apart for the fact my little girl is now problem free (yay) is that due to how pure products are which don't contain this ingredient they last so much longer , so although more expensive initially they actually work out cheaper in the long run 🙂

I have been stunned at the effect removing this ingredient has had to my daughters skin and she is now problem free and I no longer have an upset little girl as her skin hurts.

Due to what I found I do now offer one to one consultations totally free of charge, however if you do want to read some more yourself here is a link to get you started

If you would like to learn more or contact me about any aspect of the health and wellbeing of your family feel free to visit me at

I look forward to supporting more families from Families In Sync.

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