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Scotland and Sensory Processing.

So after an amazing few days away with my children I thought I would finally get around to telling everyone what else I was up to on my trip away, apart from playing on the beach đŸ™‚

I was very lucky to go to Ian Jordan's clinic in Ayr and watch him work! If you haven't heard of Ian Jordan then google him!!

Ian is an multi sensory dispensing optician, researcher and all round amazing man to know when it comes to sensory processing and colour processing. He works alongside a very small team within his clinic to provide a totally amazing service.

I first met Ian at a talk he did around a year ago which was around how colour impacts on our senses and how having the correct colours around us can impact on our sensory processing. Generally he does this by using coloured glasses lenses. If you havent heard of sensory processing, look out for our future blogs or again hit google (but stay on the reputable sites). During his talk I was mesmerised by what he was doing and saying and the effect you could see it having.

Having a child with sensory processing disorder myself I knew I had to find out more.

So after much research and a few conversations i found myself and three children in Scotland for a few days with an appointment to spend time watching Ian work and assess my son.

After a 7 hour round trip in the car, one assessment, several tantrums (not just me), to many treats and lots of time on the beach the trip was a definite success! But all I can say about my time with Ian is wow! Watching the processes and how he works was amazing, seeing the way he interacted with my other two children and made it a family experience was exceptional and best of all he never once spoke about my son when he wasn't there he always spoke to him and asked his permission to speak to me which is an very unusual and a brilliant thing for a professional to do as all to often the children just sit and listen to what is going on around them when they should be the key person, but doing it this way I learned things I didn't know and the assessment was far richer.

Ian has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is mind blowing, as were some of the tests he carried out. One quick example was after several different assessments and looking at what colours worked for my son and why he asked me to eat a sweet but put my hands onto my sons head while doing so, with the light he responded well to the sweet tasted great however when he clicked to the red light which was the bad light it was barely edible! Wow!  He did so may demonstrations about which areas this would help with it was unbelievable. He tested my sons memory prior to the assessment and the way he carried out instructions (this was an issue) and then repeated it once the assessments had been completed and although it wasn't problem solved (he isn't a magician) it was very much improved.

I could go on and on honestly so there is sure to be more blogs on this one but to see my son changing before my eyes due to this seeming simple adaptation was so emotional and shocking at the effect it had, it was like sitting with a different child next to me at times the way he reacted and interacted, I was a very emotional Mum much to his total embarrassment.

So I will finish for now by saying I have been left astounded by the way colour can have such an impact and that within an hour (ish) appointment my sons memory was improved, he was hearing similar sounds clearer, he could feel things more in time with the action, food tasted  better, his sense of touch was less heightened, anxiety dropped and he was able to process information faster.

Honestly it was truly remarkable, google Ian Jordan Opticians!! and watch this space for more blogs.

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