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The Technology Challenge.

After speaking with lots of families recently one thing is clear, our lives are getting busier and more technology dependent.

So how does this impact on our families?

I started thinking about my family, my children have limited computer time at home but at school they get a lot of screen time, especially my eldest who is at high school, my elder two have phones and although they rarely use them, they are still another form of technology to manage.

However with the way things are progressing I am not holding out much hope for it still being as simple technology wise for my five year old as she grows up.  She can already do far more on a smartphone, tablet and laptop than a lot of adults, it is scary to see how quickly they can pick up technology and what they can master on it. My two year old niece could work a smartphone at a year old. Thinking back to even when my ten year old was that age and how far technology has come and children along with it, it is moving so fast I simply cannot imagine where it will be in another ten years.

I began thinking what example I was setting, I work a lot online and therefore spend a considerable of time either on my laptop or my phone, probably a lot more time than I really should once I add in personal emails, texts, calls, and Facebook, it suddenly all mounts up. Technology makes you always contactable and I am not sure that is a good thing, as when do you switch off?

So in the midst of all of this I have promised to have a few phone free hours each day, a day with the children and no phone every now and again to. There is plenty of time for technology once they are in bed or during my 'official work hours' but for now I want to watch them grow up knowing the importance of being able to walk down the street without staring at a phone and being able to connect with another person without relying on technology either as a shield or as a medium to do so.

So I set you all a challenge to disconnect with your technology and reconnect with your children, families and friends. I promise your lives will be better for it.

I would love to hear you thoughts and how you get on, drop me an email to or jump into our Facebook community at and message me.




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