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Back to school chaos!

So I haven't written in ages due to the summer and kids being home, so before I get back into it properly here is a bit of a round up of my summer.

The kids have been back to school for a week now and as always over the summer I promised back to school time would be calm and uneventful and as always I was wrong.

So a couple of days prior to the schools going back i was at a children's party and discovered non of my children went back to school when I thought they did, two went back THREE DAYS EARLIER (cue mad panic) and one went back a day later (relax). So the realisation I had very little time to get the last of the uniform as I no longer had eight days I had 3, oops.

However we made it and on time, slightly harassed but all back on time and with everything they needed, in the right classes to despite trying to send my eldest to year 9 when he is in year 10 now (how did that happen??) . We are however still getting sleep deprived monsters back at pick up time as they continue to catch up from summer.

How was your summer? It was my first summer with my hubby at home self employed, my first summer without having to think to much about childcare, my busiest summer with work and the first year of planning a UK summer holiday (and then having to cancel thanks to the weather) and I have learnt a lot.

I have learnt to let go (a bit), I have learnt sometimes my hubby can tidy up although not to my standard, I can leave the kids over the summer to go to work and they don't notice but I still feel guilty and most of all I have learnt that nothing matters as long as when I get the time to be around and present with my kids I take the time to actually be present with them.  Most of all I learnt next year I am booking a holiday where I can guarantee sun 😉

So as the saying goes children need time not things, take the time to play that game, drink the pretend cup of tea, watch the fifa goal celebration and enjoy. Oh and remember to check and double check every school date you write in the diary as last minute 24 hour to go school shopping with children who don't want summer to end  is  living hell and not something I ever plan on doing again.

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