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All grown up!

Today marks my last day with the children at home this summer! I love the summer holidays with them at home but they are so ready to go back now after such a long time off.

I however am not ready for it, this year marks something different for me, I feel like my babies are no longer babies anymore, for the first time I have no children in infant school.

My eldest is going into his final GCSE year, my middle child starts high school and my youngest starts juniors, and I am not ready for this!

This for me has been the biggest jump as a parent since they all started school, which was also traumatic having my last child starting school and after so many years of having one of them at home, having non of them was really tough.  This year the realisation I have one child left in primary school and my babies (yes they will always be called my babies much to their disgust) are growing up fast is just as tough as when they all started school.

Thankfully they understand that out of me and my hubby I am the emotional mess and as much as they think its funny that I manage to as they see it blow changing school years out of proportion! They also thankfully realise it shows how much I care.

This summer I have tried to do so much with them knowing next year with GCSE results and so much more going on  next year that summer will not be the relaxing  affair it has been in the past.

I would love to know how you have felt about your children's milestones and how you are managing this year with nursery or school starters or children moving up, any hints and tips gratefully received.

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