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But Why Wouldn’t Children Play Outdoors?

But why wouldn't children play Outdoors?

This was asked to me in a workshop recently.

The answer, there are so many reasons for the decline outdoor play. The reasons range from the weather, not wanting to get wet or dirty, to work and lifestyle commitments and choice, use of iPads and computers increasing, more clubs and activities that children attend, a declining freedom and desire for outdoor play in our current society, the list just goes on.

That's why I believe being outdoors, engaging in risky play and experiencing choice and freedom is so important within a childcare setting.

A recent study stated that many children and are spending less time outdoors than prison inmates!! wow that really shocked me.

My children love iPads, computers etc but they also love being outdoors and it's something that I've actively encouraged.

Children need to be outdoors they need outdoor play and learning to have healthy and well rounded development. They also need the ability to be able to go outdoors and use their imagination freely without having to have structured and directed activities.

This is why in all our outdoor play workshops for childcare providers we encourage the use of loose parts play and child led and initiated play. Encouraging a child's creative development as well as their social development, communication skills and self-confidence.

Our treasure baskets and loose parts play boxes are all fantastic additions that can be taken into your outdoor area  to spark a child's creative interest.

However recently my eldest son asked me why we don't sell more of the items that they play with outdoors I didn't really have an answer. My children tend to grab whatever they can find to build, create and develop their own games. They develop their own play environments where they develop their outdoor play skills.

So I have enlisted the support of my eldest son to develop some fantastic play boxes and play bags that I will be bringing to you over the coming weeks and months to inspire your children.

I'm really excited to be able to involve my own children in the expansion of Families In Sync and be able to bring their knowledge, play experience and values.

It's so important that we nurture children's ability to learn outdoors and develop their sense of themselves. Children still have the ability to be able to go outdoors and play and imagine and create and take the risks this is what helped them develop into well-rounded adults as they grow, so let's embrace this.

If all this talk of outdoor learning and it's importance has started you thinking,  why not join our online develop your outdoor provision course, which is already creating outstanding results for nurseries and childminders. Simply click this link to find out more and start your path to your outstanding outdoor space.

I would love to know what your children enjoy doing outdoors and also love to hear any feedback you've got as to what you would like us to stock to enhance your children's outdoor play.

You can find all the information about our current resources and our support and training on our website at or you can join us on Facebook at

Please feel free to drop your comments below or in an email to [email protected]


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