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Why do I take a holistic approach to parenting?

That's easy, I have many professional qualifications that enable me to practise traditional parent coaching methods however I have three children all of which have had their personal struggles and I wanted to take a new approach.

I wanted to look at new ways of working especially when it came to some more complex sleep and neurological issues I was faced with in my personal life. I know life as a parent isn't always as easy as it looks, and most of the issues we face are not that easy to see, however they are very real and bring very real problems.


I found that taking a more natural approach gave me longer lasting results. I also found my children took to these approaches with more ease and they came more naturally to me meaning I kept using them.

I gained new skills and felt empowered, my children relaxed.


I brought these skills to my work and developed my own unique approaches which I now bring to other families, enabling them to feel more empowered and relaxed as a parent and bring out the best in their children.
I would love to chat about the difference I could bring to your family by empowering and enabling you on your parenting journey, to join me on a free parenting discovery call simply visit and use the calendar on the right to schedule your free call.

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