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The Stress and Magic of Babies First Christmas.

It is your babies first Christmas, the excitement is at fever pitch. Family and friends cannot wait to spend it with your bundle of joy, and everyone wants to know what to buy.


Arrgh…..what do you buy a baby? They have everything! Plus they often don’t really care if they get presents or not as they are more than happy with the boxes and wrapping paper.


Therefore what happens when you say “oh anything” or “they don’t need anything”, you get a house full of plastic noise making gifts! So beware.


That said babies first Christmas is an amazing magical time, you will get the best photos from them ‘opening’ their gifts and playing with the paper. You will get away without receiving an ‘I would really like’ list from your child, that is a similar length to the toy shop catalogue.


When thinking of baby gifts think simple, think of stuff you will use, that they need, that you can keep as a memory, and something you would want to see in your home.


Our Treasure Baskets are currently our top Christmas seller. Why? Because they look nice, they last, they can be used for a long time to come, they aid baby's development and social interaction and they don’t break the bank.

If you are stuck thinking of gifts for your little one or someone else's why not take a look by clicking here.


My top four tips for making the most of babies first Christmas are;

1: Capture the memories - Take Pictures of everything, this is one time you will want to remember, especially with family and friends around who your baby may not see the rest of the year.

2: Make Traditions - Now is the time to start those magical traditions that your little one will look forward to for years to come. My fifteen year old still expects the traditions we started when he was a baby and it really does keep the magic alive.

3: Buy a new Christmas Tree decoration - My children love the fact that every year they get to buy a new Christmas tree decoration, they can remember each and everyone plus the story of where we were.

4: Max out your Christmas lights - Yes it may look slightly like Blackpool illuminations, but the excitement and joy your baby will get from the twinkling, sparkling, colour changing lights is amazing to watch and will make it all worthwhile.

Babies first Christmas is a magical time for you and your family, your baby will not remember it, so don’t be that tired, stressed out mum, there is years to come for that, sit back and enjoy.


I would love to hear about your family traditions, you can get in touch with me at [email protected] or join me on Facebook

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