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Free Family Christmas Ideas

Christmas can be such an expensive time of year.

When really it should be about making memories, it seems to be more about the 'stuff' every year and the pressure and expense around this.

Plus for children the hype starts so early that it is no wonder children can get a bit Christmassed out! I know mine are so ready for a break and some family time. That's what Christmas is really about family time and making memories so here are five activities I enjoy with my family that are cheap or free to create some lovely family time and memories over the Christmas period.

1: A festive movie - We grab some snacks, turn off the lights, curl up under a blanket and pit on our favourite festive films. Every year this is now something my children will ask to do most weekends in the run up to Christmas. It really is true that it is the time you spend not the money you spend that counts.

2: Jump onto my instagram page here to see a picture of my Christmas sensory tray, it is a play tray filled with spare decorations for your child to explore. I made this for a group of families I was working with however my children loved it when I took it home. It gives them the chance to explore decorations and textures they usually wouldn't be allowed to. I also made a snow man Christmas tray using some beautiful white playdough which kept them busy for ages, the recipe can be found in my last blog.

3: Get wrapped up warm and get outdoors, whether it is to go for a walk looking at all the festive decorations or around a national trust property to get that festive feel. We love walking at Fountains Abbey and Studley seeing the Christmas lights, however we also often go for a wander through the local woods looking for anything we can add to Christmas displays. It is just a chance to get out, get some fresh air and get away from technology.

4: Making Christmas garlands. This is so cheap to do, grab some oranges, apples, limes, whatever you fancy pop them in the oven for a few hours on a low temperature until they have dried out (whole fruits take longer) and then you can create beautiful Christmas inspired garlands to decorate your house. I have only started doing this over the last couple of years but it keeps them busy for ages, they love seeing the decorations displayed afterwards and it makes the house smell so Christmassy.

5: Go carolling! Most areas will hold a carols around the tree type event. We have two local to us but often go to the one wiht my childrens school. Everyone gets wrapped up warm, drinks hot chocolate and mulled wine, eats mince pies and sings carols around the Christmas tree. You cannot get much more festive. For me I love that my children get to do this with their friends to and share in the joy that this simple act brings. We leave every year ready for Christmas to arrive.


Christmas doesn't have to be all about the money, once your children have grown the things they will remember and cherish will be the memories, the things you did together, your family traditions which they can pass on.

Have the most amazing family filled Christmas 2017!!!!


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