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Boys are from Mars, Girls are from Venus

There has been a lot of discussion I have seen recently in Facebook childcare groups around why we need to be mindful of the differences in how boys and girls learn.

Boys are from Mars, Girls are from Venus.

There is a known gap in educational achievement for boys and girls and there is a lot of work going into closing that gap.

As a Mum of Three, two of which are boys this is a subject that has always fascinated me not only professionally but also personally. When watching my children at play and at work the differences to me can be seen, however in a classroom with so many more, we often don’t have the time or capacity to observe and learn from them in this way, so we need to continue to educate ourselves so this process of observing and altering practise becomes faster while still being effective.

You can often hear the labels children end up with from a very young age of ‘boisterous boy’ or ‘struggles to sit still’ ‘just wants to run around ‘cant concentrate’ ‘nice and quiet’ ‘kind and caring’ but with some children when they are very young it can be harder to see the differences in their mannerisms, personality and cognitive development to an extent, however as they grow this becomes more apparent.

Despite there being groups arguing for equality and stating both boys and girls should be taught and treated the same, there are proven brain differences in size, structure and development rate. It is due to these differences that we need to be aware of how we are teaching and trying to engage our children. We need to be mindful that at the same stage of childhood what works for a girl won't always work for a boy and what works for one boy won't always work for another.

Boys have different learning styles and tend to mature slower, which is why they ideally would start school later than girls, when they do start they learn better in quiet situations so traditional classroom environments are not always the best place for learning.

It's not all about styles, approaches and environment it is also about perception of circumstances and how boys perceive the task they are completing and the objective.

Take a look at learning styles majority of boys learn best through a more hands on approach. The environment is vital to boys learning to the best of their abilities.

Having the right knowledge and strategies when with boys is what makes the difference creating a love of learning.

With all of this in mind I created a short self study course online called How Boys Learn, it is quickly becoming one of my most popular online courses and is one which will have lasting effects. This one is for childcare providers however parents if you would love one created for you please drop me a message and i can do that.
The link to the course is and I would love for you to join me.  

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