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Sensory Play and Treasure Baskets

Centuries ago children were not given toys to play with. The best they could hope for was whatever they found lying around on the floor.

Toys are a fairly recent introduction and although they massively impact on the development of children, lessons can be learnt from centuries ago and play.

Children concentrated for longer as they spent a longer period of time exploring each object.

This is one of the most striking observations when a child is engaged in treasure basket play. The level of concentration they exhibit. From birth children learn through experiences and their environment.

As soon as babies can sit aided and grasp they can access treasure baskets. Treasure Baskets are for babies, once children are independently mobile exploring their environment you should use heuristic play.

Babies will often spend a long time touching and mouthing objects and enjoying the fact they are 'in charge' in this type of play. The adults role with treasure basket play is to offer caring reassurance and support to the child while observing.

The child should be left to explore and play on their terms.

Treasure Baskets are a concept that was pioneered by Elinor Goldschmied and now you will find them across many childcare settings and homes.

A lot of today's treasure baskets are not safety backed or tested so it is vital to check these before purchasing. Please note all of Families In Sync's educational resources have been passed by trading standards personnel.

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