For Parents

Neither children or family life  come with a manual, they can be difficult and confusing as much as they can be inspiring and rewarding.
As the saying goes, It takes a village to raise a child. Find your tribe in The Wild Tribe by clicking here.
Everything I do is with the aim to bring peace, balance, harmony, happiness and fun back to family life. I only use calm and effective techniques to resolve your parenting issues.
As a Mum of three children and having faced many parenting struggles myself I know how impossible this can seem at times.
I strive for every family to love the journey they are on in life and embrace their lives as they find them, knowing from the challenges come positivity and strength, but this can be so tough to do.
I don't believe in cry it out sleep techniques, naughty steps, that children are born naughty, or one size fits all routines and parenting techniques.  I do believe every parenting or childhood issue can be improved if not resolved with understanding and the right help and support, that taking a more mindful and holistic approach to family life brings calm, that you can parent in a calm way and get results, and that nature brings out the best in all of us.
I use unique techniques that I have learned, used and perfected over the last 16 years to empower you to lead the family life you desire.
I can work with you to bring the harmony back to your family life. Whether that is due to your child's behavioural issues, sleep problems or if you have lost yourself and need to rebuild and find your purpose and goals.
All of my hints, tips and solutions are developed for you and your family, to meet your needs.
Whether you are new to being a parent or you are experienced at being a parent we all experience difficulties, I am here to support you whatever challenges you face, from getting more sleep, managing behaviour, improving relationships, solving sibling rivalry, creating the work life balance you desire, bringing harmony back to your home and so much more. 

To work with me one to one simply drop me a message here or book your free call with me using the calendar on the right, there is no pressure to work with me and I will give you some tips to use straight away.

I offer a range of options to suit your needs from face to face to online or telephone, from a one off consultation and solution session to a series of sessions.

Everything is developed for you and your family to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Every parent has their own challenges, no matter where these stem from or how these effect you, it is normal and you are not alone!If you reached that point where you know you need to make a change whether that's with your child's routine, behaviour, or are you just looking for a more natural way forward?
Join my tribe here. The Wild Tribe is a monthly subscription tribe and places are limited! We are here to support and enable you to lead a calmer, more balanced mindful family lifestyle and improve your child's learning all inspired by nature.Each month you will receive an amazing content pack containing a mix of blogs, audios, videos and challenges. Covering a range of topics including affirmations, interviews, guest experts, activity packs for children complete with planning sheets, challenges for children to complete, cooking and nutritional ideas or guides, fitness and healthy lifestyle, mindset, meditations, crystal recommendations, essential oil recommendations and book club, plus live calls and other exciting bits especially for you!The Wild Tribe will empower you to experience the balance, peace, harmony and play that comes from living family life in a holistic, natural way and I am super excited to tell you more