Online Training

Online training offers the flexibility that is sometimes required when working to time scales and budgets. My online training is all available with lifetime access, and uses free/cheap resources as I know there is nothing worse that completing a training, being all fired up to take action and then having no budget to put it into practise.

All online courses once completed are awarded a free certificate simply drop us an email to get yours.


1 - Developing Your Outdoor Provision.

Learning outdoors bring opportunities and breaks down barriers that learning indoors cannot achieve.

Through this short course you will develop a further understanding of why outdoor experiences are vital and the role the outdoors plays in development. You will explore your outdoor provision and learn new ways to view this and grow it into an outstanding area for education, learning, development and play to take place.

Discover resources and new ways to think about your current resources. I am all about cheap and free resources and we will enable you to find cheap and free ways to develop your outdoor provision.

What are you waiting for?



2 - How Boys Learn.

Boys learn differently to girls, join me as we look at brain differences, how your environment can enable, learning styles, motivations, challenge and more.

Do you fully understand the implications nurturing boys can have? Find out more and discover how your practice can impact on their learning.

Develop, implement and embed a boy-friendly culture into your setting.

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3 - Risky Play

The fine line between risk and safety is one practitioners deal with daily. Allowing children to take risks, enabling them to develop through risk taking in play is one of the most important things you can do. I are not talking about putting children at risk, it is them pushing their limits to develop themselves.